Wednesday, August 19, 2009

rompers, rompers, rompers!

The main objective for every thrifting adventure I've gone on all summer is to find the most perfect, wonderful romper I've been pining after for nearly a year and a half. It happens the same every time. I find a romper. Adorable print. Get so excited to try it on. Actually do so and it never, ever, never fits! It's heart breaking and I hate it! I'm afraid that due to my build (I'm 5'-8" and have a pretty long torso in comparison to the width of my body) the found rompers always bunch at the crotch and that's never a good thing.

My dream romper is the peach one pictured to the left, but honestly I'm not in a place where I can drop close to $60 on a piece of clothing that's staying power is quite questionable.

Do you fellow bloggers have any interest in rompers? Have you successfully found one? I'd love to know what kind of alterations, if any, were made to make it more modern. I'm looking for any kind of advice as far as rompers go.
all images from urban outfitters.

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  1. I've never really given rompers much though but I have to admit, I love the top left one!